MP3 Download: "Help me to love You" from Beauty Obodo

MP3 Download: “Help me to love You” from Beauty Obodo

Renowned Nigerian gospel music artiste Beauty Obodo, releases a new single titled ”Help me to love You”. This song captures believers heartfelt desire to love God more deeply and total submission to His will and leading. It’s a song of ...
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MP3 Download: "Boundless Love" from Edwin Pius

MP3 Download: “Boundless Love” from Edwin Pius

Sensational gospel music minister Edwin Pius Releases Debut single titled “Boundless Love“. This song talks extensively on the love of God to humanity. According to John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only ...
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MP3 Download: "Talk & Do God" from Adeola Matthew

MP3 Download: “Talk & Do God” from Adeola Matthew

Nigerian gospel music minister, Adeola Matthew is out with a new single titled “Talk & Do God”. This is a song that acknowledges the unfailing and effectual word of God. According to the Nigerian singer, ‘Talk & Do God’ is ...
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MP3 Download: "Beautiful" from Neken Chuwang

MP3 Download: “Beautiful” from Neken Chuwang

Nigerian gospel music artiste Neken Chuwang dropped a new single titled “Beautiful“. The song serves as a reaffirmation that irrespective of how society pictures you, you’re beautiful through it all. The song is specially dedicated to every female on the ...
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MP3 Download: "i never knew" from Proud Refuge

MP3 Download: “i never knew” from Proud Refuge

American-Kenyan gospel Hip Hop artiste Proud Refuge Ft. Marizu & Limoblaze released a new single titled “I Never Knew”. This song expresses the greatest love of God upon humanity, how much He cares and always showed-up to fight our battles ...
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MP3 Download: "Abu Otito" from Thanky Raymond

MP3 Download: “Abu Otito” from Thanky Raymond

Gospel music minister Thanky Raymond releases a new single titled “Abu Otito” (Song of Praise) feat. Uju Val. This is a song of praise to God for His faithfulness. Download 'Abu Otito' ...
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MP3 Download: "Inside" from Jlyricz

MP3 Download: “Inside” from Jlyricz

Talented Nigerian Gospel song artist, Jlyricz releases a brand new single titled, “Inside”. According to Jlyricz; This song deals with the vulnerabilities of a Christian. I admit my vices and as well seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit ...
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MP3 Download: "Turned my life around" from Faith Sani

MP3 Download: “Turned my life around” from Faith Sani

Nigerian gospel music minister Faith Sani share a new song titled ”Turned My Life Around”. The song is born out of a deep reflection on the things God has done. The confidence that God never fails and his word never ...
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MP3 Download: "God na your mate" from Austin

MP3 Download: “God na your mate” from Austin

Nigerian fast rising gospel music artiste Austin Omozeje popularly known as Austin has released a new single titled, ”God Na Your Mate”. This song is a praise song, speaking about the power of God and describing Him as the God ...
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MP3 Download: "You be God" from Sabastine Silas

MP3 Download: “You be God” from Sabastine Silas

Nigerian gospel music Artiste, Sabastine Silas is out with new song titled ”You be God”, Ft. Heavenly Dawap. This is song of praise to God Who is mighty and worthy to be praise .He is the Almighty God and there ...
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MP3 Download: "Celebrate" from Minister Gold

MP3 Download: “Celebrate” from Minister Gold

Nigerian gospel artist Gold Okey Aghado popularly known as Minister Gold is out with a new single titled “Celebrate”. The song talks bout the goodness of God and His mercy on the life of a believer. Count your blessings and ...
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MP3 Download: "Occupy my mind" from K-vocals

MP3 Download: “Occupy my mind” from K-vocals

Sensational gospel music minister K-vocals released a new single titled’, ”Occupy my mind” Ft. ThankGod X Doxazo. In this song,r the minister explained that,’ It is a man’s plea that the void inside of him is occupied by something or ...
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MP3 Download: "Obinigwe" from Minister GUC

MP3 Download: “Obinigwe” from Minister GUC

Renowned Nigerian worship leader ‘Minister GUC’ is out with a new single titled ”Obinigwe”, which is in the Igbo dialect translates “He who Lives in the Heavens”. The song stirs up gratitude reflecting on God’s goodness, reminding us that God’s ...
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MP3 Download: "Out of My Belly" from Prospa Ochimana

MP3 Download: “Out of My Belly” from Prospa Ochimana

Nigerian gospel music minister, Prospa Ochimana comes out with a powerful single titled ”Out Of My Belly”. The new single is to stir up a deep hunger and intimacy with the Father. “In the last day, that great day of ...
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MP3 Download: "Same God" from Mary Jane

MP3 Download: “Same God” from Mary Jane

Nigerian sensational gospel music minister Maryjane Nweke released a new song titled ”Same God”. In her word she said, ”Whatever happens in life, know that God can not change; rather He changes situations. He is that same God of Abraham, ...
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MP3 Download: "Almighty Jehovah God" from King Michael

MP3 Download: “Almighty Jehovah God” from King Michael

Nigerian talented gospel music minister King Michael released a beautiful single titled ” Almighty Jehovah God”, This is a song of worship to God and reverence to His Kingship over our lives. All praise belong to Him who is Mighty ...
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MP3 Download: "Never stop" from Joi Mor

MP3 Download: “Never stop” from Joi Mor

Nigerian Anointed gospel music artiste Joi Mor released a powerful single titled ”Never Stop”. This is a song of gratitude to God, How He is mindful of every thing we do, how He constantly shows up for us in the ...
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MP3 Download: "Our help is in Your Name" from A.K. Fred

MP3 Download: “Our help is in Your Name” from A.K. Fred

Multi talented gospel music minister A.K. Fred releases a single titled “Our Help Is In Your Name”. It is a song that eulogizes the truth that we can only find help in the Name of the Lord. It is a ...
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MP3 Download: "Set Free" from Lawrence Ajagbe

MP3 Download: “Set Free” from Lawrence Ajagbe

Nigerian gospel music artiste Lawrence Ajagbe dropped a new single titled ”Set Free”. The song is a celebration of the salvation that is found in Christ Jesus, and the freedom we enjoyed according to John 8:36 So if the Son ...
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MP3 Download: "I Believe" from Deblessed

MP3 Download: “I Believe” from Deblessed

Nigerian-UK based Songwriter, Singer and Worship Leader Deblessed releases yet another song titled “I Believe“. The song is an expression of the wondrous and mysterious works of God, He who hears and answers when we call, He is a miracle ...
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